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Students and staff access is easier now through dedicated portal pages that use the latest technology, as a cluster setup is used to serve web portal sites to insure high availability, reliability and better performance.
Security is available through encryption.

  • Student services:
    • Student registration.
    • Final exam schedule.
    • Course schedule.
    • Student information (embassies and scholarships).
    • Addition and deletion procedure.
    • Announcements for students.
  • Employee services:
    • Vacation.
    • Accidents notification systems.
    • Employee’s evaluation systems.
    • Telephone directory.
    • Mobile directory.

1. 350 Thin clients with the latest specifications
2. The necessary number of servers with suitable specification had been provided
3. Lab supervisors were trained


This project is important as it provides:
1. Authentication: for most of the provided services through portals and other resources access such as wireless, RAS...etc.
2. Security: by implementing the suitable policies, insuring OS and Antivirus optimum functionality and updates.
3. Users accounts (students, staff) are on the Active Directory, access to different resources (such as wireless access) is granted through the adopted procedures.


1. Help desk office had been opened since 2006.
2. Support calls are accepted through an automated .​


This project provides access for a user to the granted services through single sign-on procedure based on Active Directory.


A method for taking analog audio signals, like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet.
VoIP Technology Advantages:
1. Enhancement of phone calls quality.
2. Connect any remote site to the university exchange by using IP technique like
Connecting the university with its health centre in Irbid without the use of the infrastructure of any communication company, like what was in the past, but using the computer network infrastructure which is already exist.
3. Users may use their IP-phones anywhere, while they are keeping their phone numbers.
4. Support SIP protocol, so that we can use software phone and make a normal call.


Video conferencing is an interactive form of real-time communication that uses screens, in addition to a sound link. This TV-style linking allows you to hold meetings, discussions and give presentations without having to leave your place of work, helping you to save time and money.

To support life distance learning CIC has been providing and running the following video conferencing systems types:
4. Sony.
The CIC has been using the internet protocols like VoIP and ISDN.
Lots of courses were given with contribution with other local and international universities. In addition, many specialized scientific lectures in different field where held.
1. Several medical conferences were held.
2. A graduate course was taught through video conferencing sessions in corporation with University of Arizona.
3. A video conference was held with the North Carolina nuclear reactor by the nuclear engineering department in JUST.
4. Lots of technical workshops conferences were made with the European Union countries.
5. The National Education course was taught in corporation with other Jordanian universities through video conferencing sessions.

 The bandwidth shaper is used to guarantee the quality of video while running.

The demand for LAN service in dormitories, classrooms, and throughout campus is increasing at all-time, wireless LANs can provide the flexibility and simplicity needed to address colleges and universities connectivity demands. Wireless LANs help JUST providing students with mobility, reduce overall network costs, and connect remote locations to central buildings and data services.
Proudly we can say that WLAN had brought JUST campus into the 21st century.
JUST community -students, faculty, and staff-could access the network from wherever they were. Instructors could deliver live quizzes during class, providing immediate feedback about the effectiveness of a lecture. Students could collaborate effortlessly, from anywhere. Research and library access could happen from the lawn on a sunny day. Big dreams, yes, but wireless LANs are a key building block to making any of these dreams a reality.


Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed to help educators create effective online learning communities, CIC supports hosting electronic since the academic year 2007.



The purpose of this project is to support electronic courses development and to produce digital resources for university students.
A team for each course was formed to handle all aspects of course development from instructional design to the development itself.
This team consists of:

1. Quality Assurance.
2. Graphic Designers.
3. Instructional Designer.
4. Multimedia Developers.


The mission of JUSTOE system is to enable  reliable, valid and defensible exams by empowering instructors through well-designed collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and secure delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics.
The system runs on Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5 with VB.NET, which are fully object-oriented computer languages implemented on the Microsoft .NET framework. The system is fully integrated with different databases; Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and LDAP. It supports Single Sign On technology.
Most of transactions with the database are developed using client-scripting in order to enhance the performance of the system.
The main objectives of the system are to design and implement Online Exams System that:

1.    Improves learning accessibility that is, eliminating barriers to learning that many learners have found in traditional ways.
2.   Speeds up the reaching for required data and facilitates the interaction with database records.
3.   Easy questions and exams authoring.
4.   Keeps data secure. Each user has an account to authenticate into the system.


Installing a new IP video surveillance system with control room facility to monitor various locations and blocks at JUST University campus


Replacing the old cameras used to monitor fingerprint readers with a new IP video surveillance system consisting of 50 high quality cameras and long term recording periods